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The making of ... ainstein -

When I was ten or so I joined the local Volleyball club and stayed until I started studying when upon the geographical distance it was not possible to continue this excellent team building sport.

During league playing season we took several of our own globes to the host venue. In order to avoid confusion and that any one got lost the balls were marked with the initials of our village: AINdling.

ST are the starting letters of my first name and
EI are the starting letters of my last name.

I added the N just to round off the name, as it sounds like a well known person's name then.

On some newsgroups you might find me with the name "badger"... This stems from a brief encounter with several of the furry creatures. I was out with a friend on a night ride in June 2005 starting at 19:30 and enjoying the summer dusk with the nice smells of cut grass and moist earth. Then suddenly just 5 yards in front of me a badger cup crossed the road. At the same time as I thought how lucky I was that it wasn't closer, as I probably would have hit it and judging by its size I might have fallen off, I became aware that in the bushes there was some more bustling.

I had not finished the final half of the thought of nearly escaped an accident and there it was: the second badger cup ran straight into my bike - not quite. It did several somersaults between my frontwheel and the chainrings and had an unsuccessful go at my frontwheel.

I was pretty aware of potential consequences of my foot getting into the jaws of this beast. So I somehow continued peddaling - not a lot - but just to keep moving. Finally, the badger gave up. I proudly kept 'standing'.

I had a look over my shoulder and saw the basdger disappear on the other side of the road. Another one follow and apparently there was a fourth one, but I just collected my senses together having 'survived' potentially seriously dangerous injuries.

Anyway, upon this encounter I thought to take a 'trophy' - and as such the name 'badger' comes handy as pseudonym, part of a password etc.